Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Gift To My Mom & Dad

G       Gaug

What were you thinking
When you held me the first time
Did you wonder who I’d become
In your minds

What did it feel like
To stare into my little eyes
Is it crazy to think
How the years have flown by

I hope you realize
The amazing job you did
All your hard work
Paid beautiful dividends

You made two successes
Which makes you successes yourselves
It was no easy feat
But you did so well


Amin    E     B7     C       (2nd time  C----C7)

I’m so lucky
For you both
Grateful for everything
I want you to know

All the sleep that you lost
When I tested your power
From late night cryin’ in my crib
To coming home at all hours

I’m sorry for all the times
Didn’t reach my potential
Your tireless support
Made my failures inconsequential

I’ve seen so many friends
Stop believing in their abilities
I rarely get down on myself
Cause I know you two are there for me

I know I’m oozing sweetness
Please don’t be tart
'Cause I wrote this song for you
A love letter from my heart


You were there…

When I lost eight teeth
When I fell in the street
When I flunked out of math
When I decided to act
When I cried every day
When I lost my way
When Liam got mints
Through my dress up stints
When I faked being sick
When I was down in the pits
When I wouldn’t come home
Cause I felt so alone
Through Bar Mitzvahs and sports
With love and support
Other parents were not
When I acted like a snot
When I ran 26 miles
With great big smiles
When I was hurt
And I’m glad that you were

Friday, December 17, 2010

No Use Being The Sad Man

Regretting and regressing
All the would have, could have
and you can't help but stressing
All the things you should have

Missing a life
That no longer exists
Trying to perk up
But the longing persists

There's a purpose
To all that controls us
So it's silly to let
Unhappiness hold us

Life is so sweet
In Sunny LA
But sometimes it's grey
And you melt in the rain

It's important to notice
Your habits that bind you
Because then it gets easier
For contentment to find you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I Do Best: Make People Laugh and Write Weepy Love Songs

Lost in the fray, oh we were lost in the fray
I can barely remember the image of your face
And if you can find it in your heart to simply stay away
Perhaps we can be close friends someday
Pick yourself up
Treat yourself right
Make yourself happy
Ask yourself why
The choices you’re making
Are making you cry
What business is it of mine
What business is it of mine

I’m just an old lover-turned-ghost
I’m just an old lover-turned-ghost from your life

Lost in the fray, I am lost in the fray
I can barely remember my name
It’s turning into one of those days
I can’t seem to walk away
Pick myself up
Go for a run
Hoping to burn off
All she has done
Sings like an angel
But shoots like a gun
Wish she would melt from my brain
Oh I wish she could melt from my brain

I’m just an old lover-turned-ghost

I’m just a raggedy old lover-turned-ghost from your life