Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hey, Aren't You That Guy?

  Today I was in the middle of ordering my burnt coffee at Starbucks when the barista interjected.  "You look really familiar.  Are you on TV?  Commercials and stuff?"  "Yes,"  I replied, smiling.  Maybe she actually recognized me or perhaps she confused me with one of my more conventionally successful dopplegangers (i.e. Simon Helberg or Adam Rose).  Either way it didn't matter.  
  Something I've been trying to incorporate into my life is to not judge myself by anyone's feelings about me whether they be negative OR positive.  It was super cool of this barista to speak up and stroke my ego.  The thing is, the only person that should be making me feel any sort of way about myself is me.  When you live by this rule no one can bring you down...and that's way more empowering than someone remembering your face. 

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